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About Body Shop LLC

I’m Julia Fernandez De Maez trainer, coach, dancer and entrepreneur. 

Proudly born and raised in Taos, New Mexico.

My ”Fitlosophy” is that when we TRULY commit to bettering ourselves, we are actively influencing the people, nature, and world around us in a positive and organic way. I have had my own personal challenges with weight and body image as as I entered middle school I had gained 50 pounds in the prior two years. I suffered from body image insecurity, bullying and academically.

Wellness became my anchor. By the time I got into middle school I began to slowly lose the weight running track and competing as a swimmer, wrestler, and football player. I was getting decent grades, held down an after school job, and slowly started recovering my self-worth.

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Why You Choose The Body Shop LLC,

The body shop LLC is committed to giving you the skills, expertise, and tools you need for long-term success while also assisting you in quickly achieving your goals. After enrolling in one of our in-person or online programs, Owner/Trainer Julia Struck will get in touch with you through email to arrange for your first coach call.


Taos News

The Body Shop LLC,. was feature in the Taos News on February 4, 2022. The article spoke about the mental aspect of fitness, which Julia covers in most of her current program. You can read the article here on the website: Learn More


Find Balance

“For the most part, I think people just are looking for ways to get healthier, physically and mentally, A lot of people are just looking for help, and someone to listen, you know, or just a little bit of direction."


A Focus On Wellness

The Body Shop is a wellness facility that integrates fitness with nutrition and life coaching for a personalized expierence promoting true wellness.