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About Body Shop LLC

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Welcome to The Body Shop LLC

My approach to fitness and nutrition is simple and direct. With 11 years of on the floor training experience, backed by hundreds of case studies and over 150 5 Star reviews, my practice (The Body Shop) was voted 2nd by our community as “Best Place To Get Fit” and classes going into 2023 have sold out.

The Body Shop was founded in 2017 by myself and a former college, and was growing steadily until the 2020 pandemic. Along with every gym in America we faced over six months of closures, mandates and that forced us into a smaller space. It was long trying year. For everyone. We survived with online classes and launching an activewear line. By spring 2021 due to operational in differences I broke away from my coaching team restructured the business model, expanded services and digitized 90% of our programs.
This new model has given our clients more flexibility, and more than anything a skill set and knowledge base of fitness and nutrition tools they can benefit from for a lifetime. After becoming an independent coach & trainer I was able to put 100% of my focus into our team, and as a result we have tripled in size. I am not biased to one particular modality of fitness, supplementation or nutrition methods. My job is to align my clients with the proper information that serves their independent needs at the highest level. The results from my program is what sets me apart from any trainer in Northern New Mexico and the #1 reason people choose The Body Shop. I welcome you to call/text me direct for your free assessment, and see where we can find opportunity for potential in your wellness.

Thank you for visiting,

Trainer Struck CPT, CNC

Our Services

(505) 240-3687

Fitness Services :

  • Group Fitness 
  • Personal Training 
  • Private Group Training 
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Weight Loss Specialists 
  • Online Coaching 
  • 12WK Bodybuilding Program

Nutrition Services:

  • Nutrition Consultanting 
  • Custom Nutrition Plans 
  • Monthly/Wkly Nutrition Coaching 
  • Nutrition Accountability Coach  
  • BMI Screening

Weekly Class Menu:

  • HardCORE Heavy Metal -Core/Lats/Delts
  • Buns & Roses -Glutes/Biceps/Shoulders 
  • Hells Bells - Freeweight Training 
  • OH’ SHIIT Circuit -Cardio/Functional Fitness
  • Legs Zeppelin- Quads/Calves/Hammys  
  • Turbo Kick / Adult Kickboxing 
  • PIYO /Pilates & Yoga 
  • Flexibility N’ Flow Mindset & Flexibility

Digital Coaching Services:

  • Body Shop 2.0 App (Spring 2023) 
  • Remote Personal Training
  • Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
  • Monthly Fitness Bootcamp 
  • Online Weight Loss Coach
  • KA@L Digital Coaching Program 
  • 6-Week Specialy Training Courses 
  • 12-Week Online Bodybuilding/Shred Program (most popular)
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Why You Choose The Body Shop LLC,

The body shop LLC is committed to giving you the skills, expertise, and tools you need for long-term success while also assisting you in quickly achieving your goals. After enrolling in one of our in-person or online programs, Owner/Trainer Julia Struck will get in touch with you through email to arrange for your first coach call.


Taos News

The Body Shop LLC,. was feature in the Taos News on February 4, 2022. The article spoke about the mental aspect of fitness, which Julia covers in most of her current program. You can read the article here on the website: Learn More


Find Balance

“For the most part, I think people just are looking for ways to get healthier, physically and mentally, A lot of people are just looking for help, and someone to listen, you know, or just a little bit of direction."


A Focus On Wellness

The Body Shop is a wellness facility that integrates fitness with nutrition and life coaching for a personalized expierence promoting true wellness.