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Victoria Carballo

CoFounder of The Body Shop LLC and born and raised Taosena, Carballo is a 36 year old momma to a beautiful baby boy. A 2002 graduate of Taos High School and a 2013 Bachelor graduate from The University of New Mexico, she majored in Psychology and Health Education. Victoria is a Zumba instructor, Barre instructor and loves teaching her specialty CircHIIT class.

gym rat from the start, Carballo has been active since her childhood - participating in elementary school basketball, middle school cheerleading and extracurricular taekwondo. After high school, she attended group fitness classes through UNM and Taos Spa & Tennis Club. Victoria carries formal training in Nutrition, Latin Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Pilates, Yoga, Emotional Healing, Mediation/Self Awareness, Cardio Kick Box, Boot Camp, Plyometrics/SportsDrills, and Zumba. With a primary focus in weight lifting and HIIT, she signed up for any and every fitness class on the school schedule. Eager to learn and always looking for new fun workouts, Victoria devoured nearly every fitness class offered. Encouraged by the head UNM group fitness coach to pursue a license, Victoria began her coaching career and became a certified Zumba instructor in 2011.

In the winter of 2016 Taos Spa & Tennis Club introduced a new class: PiYO with a new coach, Julia Fernandez. Victoria attended Julia's class every week, alongside belly dance class at Julia's personal studio. Julia & Victoria shared a vision of teaching community classes in their own space. Despite limited resources, that shared dream, drive, and passion for helping people live healthier lives resulted in the keys to their very own studio in a matter of months. The Body Shop LLC found its first home in Cabot Plaza, right smack in the heart of beautiful Taos, NM.

Today, Victoria and the Body Shop LLC serves not only Taos locals, but a community of people worldwide.

"I have gotten to meet and bring in some truly wonderful, knowledgeable coaches to help us carry on The Body Shop LLC dream. We are forever growing, learning and evolving to bring our members top quality fitness services, wellness, nutrition, workshops challenges, and fresh new classes every single day."

the Body Shop LLC is

Woman owned. woman run. Woman powered.

because that's the Future of Fitness.

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