Gyms In Taos NM

The body shop LLC is dedicated to helping you reach your goals in a time efficient manner and provide you with skill, knowledge and resources for long term success. Once you have on boarded with one of our in person or online programs you will be contacted by Owner/ Trainer, Julia Struck directly via email to have your first Coach call. 


We understand fitness, nutrition and wellness as a whole is not a one size fits all process. The first initial coach call is to determine all/any limiting factors, SMART goals, training/nutrition logistics and general Q&A. The Body Shop LLC is very different in that we check in with all our clients on a biweekly basis to provide an added level of accountability and support to helping them reach their destination. We are safety first, results driven, and fork to plant and start to finish-your goal is my mission.


We understand with the ever fluctuating environment things can be unpredictable, enjoy training with no contracts or commitments. (Must cancel within one week of service due date)